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Fall is a fantastic time to see fall color in our state parks. Arkansas State Parks Public Information Coordinator Meg Matthews takes a look at the fall foliage process. Check out our fall events and fall foliage reporting so you can see which areas are showing the most color in Arkansas.

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“Change is the only constant” Proverb quote I’m not a big fan of change (and who is really?). If something is working, then why change it? However, in my profession I see a lot of changes. One constant change is in our visitors. As the seasons change, so do our type of visitors. In the summer, we have many people who come for only a day and bask in the…

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The Coca-Cola Company and its subsidiary, Odwalla have created some exciting ways to support both state and national parks. Vote for Your Favorite Park From the Live Positively Website: “For over 40 years, Coca-Cola has supported America’s national parks. Through our support of individual parks and the National Park Foundation, we’ve helped maintain and rebuild 260 miles of trails so families can be active together while enjoying the great outdoors.…

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You can vote for Arkansas to receive trees donated by Odwalla’s Plant a Tree program!  Simply log onto the Plant-A-Tree Web site and enter your email address. You can only vote once, so please encourage your friends and family to take part in this event. You can even link it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. 1 vote = $1 for trees. Odwalla is donating a total of  $200,000 towards the purchase of trees for America’s…

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